#PAINTING contest entries

#PAINTING contest entries

Happy New Year, members of DFW TFP!

Our #PAINTING contest is officially over. This time we have only 12 submissions, but they are so worth it!
We’ve got some great, amazing works here! I appreciate the time and effort you all put in your projects, especially because of the holidays season when we all were so busy! Excellent job!
The contests results will be announced later this week, stay tuned!


Contest entries are listed here in a no particular order.
All photos are clickable to their original size.

Photographer: William Staudt
Photo Assist: Krystel Lynn Pitts
Makeup and Hair: JaDe Rain
Models: Evanne Renae Haag & Nguyen Ngoc Huong

Femme au chapeau jaune
By: Pablo Picasso

Model: Lisa Gomez
Makeup: Anel Anaya Lecona
Costume Designer: Enrique de Altamirano
Photographer: Carlos Iglesias

Mona Lisa
By: Leonardo da Vinci

Photographer: Vu Man
Model: Ciera Mathews

Rosie the Riveter
By: Norman Rockwell

Photographer: Tina Bowden Saenz
Model: Allanah Bennett
Assistant: Steve Trew

Surrounded by music
By: Leonid Afremov

Photographer: Clint Chastain
Model: Yana Kaisheva
Make Up and Hair: Yana Kaisheva

Girl With A Golden Wreath
By: Leon Francois Comerre
Undated (1860-1916)

Photographer: Clint Chastain
Models: Holly Smolders & Noah Amland
Make up & Wardrobe Assistant: Rachel A Riojas

The Nightmare
By: Henry Fuseli

Photographer: Mei Yang
Make up / Style: Rubi Rubi
Model: Ana Carolina

Frida con Amigos
By: Annette Feldmann (aka Nettsch)
modern times

Photographer: Tina Torres
Model: Melanie Russell

Evening lecture
By: Hendrik Jacobus Scholten

Photographer: Vu Man
Model: Holly Smolders
Make up / hair: Kim Hanke Ferguson

Joan of Arc
By: Sir John Everett Millias

Photographer: Jason Lott
Models: Ana Buenrostro & Lexie Ray​
Make up: Ana Buenrostro

By: Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Photographer: Amber Pickle
Model & make up: Mindy Danielle

Girl in red beret
By: Pablo Picasso

Photographer: Vu Man
Model: Savannah Rae Collins

Girl with Pearl Earring
By: Johannes Vermeer



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