DFW TFP group rules

DFW TFP group rules

Hello and welcome!
DFW TFP is a place for Dallas / Fort Worth photographers, models, hair and make up artists, costume designers, etc to meet and find each other for TFP shoots.

TFP is “Time for Prints“, and it implies that nobody gets paid. It’s free. No payment. No compensation. Everyone donates his/her time and skills in exchange for the photos.


  1. Introduce yourself. Tell us who you are and what you do. Show us your work!
  2. Let us know your location and general schedule / availability
  3. Post TFP model/MUA/etc calls
  4. Tell your friends about this group
  5. BE nice and professional to each other

Do Not:

  1. post if you don’t live in DFW area.
  2. post anything that is not TFP related
  3. post ads, gigs, anything requiring or implying any payment
  4. post anything related to fashion shows, magazines, or similar businesses
  5. be rude or use obscene language

Posting Guidelines:

  1. When posting photographs, make sure you tag everyone in them: the photographer, the model, the make up artist, the stylist, everyone who contributed.
  2. If you are posting multiple pictures, don’t post them separately. You can easily flood the group timeline like that. Instead, add all photos to one single post or gallery.
  3. Don’t share posts from your timeline or other groups, leading people away from the group. Instead upload the pictures to DFW TFP group directly, leading people to comment under the post itself.
  4. It’s ok to post mood boards or a set of reference photos, but please make sure you mention if they are not yours. Otherwise you’ll lead people to believe you took them.
  5. Although we appreciate such forms of art as sexually explicit photography, nudity, horror, gore, and violence, they (with a few rare exceptions) are not welcomed in this group. If you think your works are visually pleasing and worth submitting, ask one of the admins or moderators before posting them. Don’t complain if your post gets deleted if you haven’t asked us before submission.

Please pay attention to the “Do Not” section above. Violators will be excluded from the group.

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