#PAINTING contest winners!

#PAINTING contest winners!

Here, we have the results of the #PAINTING contest.
We had several judging criteria:

  • Concept & Idea: Idea, Emotion, Feeling, Mood, Impact, Creativity, Originality, Style
  • Technical Value: Exposure, Focal distance, Focus, Sharpness, Depth of field, Lighting, Noise, etc
  • Modeling: Model choice, Posing, Commitment, Expression
  • Makeup, Design, Effort: Make up, Hair, Dress, Design elements, General Effort level, etc

This way, with this categories, a newbie photographer with a cheap camera, but who would go an extra mile, put a lot of effort into the shoot, etc — can win over a professional photographer with a $5,000 worth equipment. After all, this was a contest of TFP projects, not a contest of who has the most expensive camera, right?


I’m proud to present you the winner of the contest! Such a dedication!
This entry also won the “Best Makeup” special category prize! Bravo!

Project idea, makeup and hair: JaDe Rain
Models: Evanne Renae Haag & Nguyen Ngoc Huong
Photographer: William Staudt
Photo Assist: Krystel Lynn Pitts

Femme au chapeau jaune
By: Pablo Picasso

The team gets the following prizes:

RGB_Light BKG $300 worth SmugMug.com BUSINESS account 12 month subscription
21+ premade site designs, or create your own (no coding needed), Optional HTML and CSS customization, Use your own domain name, Turnkey storefront and e-commerce-optimized galleries, Fulfill orders with top labs: Bay Photo, WHCC, EZPrints, etc. Sell digital photo downloads, Set site wide pricing. Create custom pricelists and coupons to accommodate every client. Group galleries under events for clients to choose their favorites and share with friends and family. Brand shipped client orders and offer gift-wrapped packaging, etc
$130 worth Auto Rise 45 backpack from Vanguard
The ALTA RISE 45 is a backpack that fits a Pro DSLR, 4-5 lenses (up to 24-70mm f/2.8), a flash, accessories and it carries a tripod. The unique +6 expansion system will allow you to add 6cm storage width with one simple zipper motion, offering storage for laptop or tablet, while still keeping gear protected.
$120 worth Tov Photography Studio – 2 hours of studio time
TOV studio is conveniently located in heart of Addison. It’s a spacious studio which can accommodate any possible photographic needs.
camerareadycosmetics SPECAL “BEST MAKE UP” CATEGORY PRIZE!
$100 worth of make up product credit from Camera Ready Cosmetics


Jason cheated a bit. The contest name and theme stated to use a classical painting. We’ve defined “classical” as “the artist must be dead and the painting should probably hang somewhere in a museum”.

Jason’s choice — Jeffrey Catherine Jones’s painting — isn’t anywhere in a museum. Her outlandish paintings are all over fantasy books covers. But she is deceased now, not so long ago, in 2011; so technically — “dead”. Considering this, the submission was accepted and — hey! Won the 2nd place!

Photographer: Jason Lott
Models: Ana Buenrostro & Lexie Ray​
Make up: Ana Buenrostro

By: Jeffrey Catherine Jones

The team gets the following prizes:

$165 worth Think Tank Modular Component Set v2.0
Low profile, high capacity shoulder bag specifically for your mirrorless camera gear and 8” tablet. Specifically designed for mirrorless gear with premium materials and quality construction. Dedicated zipper compartment for up to an 8” tablet. Low-contrast and matte black appearance with BBG leather accents
skillshare $144 worth SkillShare.com PREMIUM account 12 month subscription
Skillshare is a global learning community for creators. Anyone can take thousands of online classes or even teach a class themselves. There are hundreds of photography classes, classes on photo editing, post processing: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, etc


Vu Man submitted 3 entries for the contest. Three different projects, three different models — and totally according to the contest rules. We appreciate his dedication to win! Of course one of the works won!

This is quite a simple portrait, the one many have copied. But the quality of the work, style, modeling, mood, details — wow! This is exactly how you recreate a painting!

Photographer: Vu Man
Model: Savannah Rae Collins

Girl with Pearl Earring
By: Johannes Vermeer

The team gets the following prizes:

$100 worth Think Tank My 2nd Brain 15″ laptop bag
Slim, soft case specifically designed for Apple products fits a 15″ MacBook, iPad and iPhone 6+ in dedicated pockets. KEY FEATURES: Separate dedicated pockets for a 15” laptop, iPad, iPhone 6+ and other Apple accessories, Expansive accessory compartment with clear zippered pockets and mesh pouches, Premium-quality YKK® zippers and durable, long-lasting materials
lenspen_micropro $15 worth LensPen MicroPro cleaning pen.
LensPen MicroPro safely and effectively cleans micro camera lenses. With its specially designed tip, it applies the LensPen compound to places its bigger brothers can’t reach. Retractable brush removes dust and the unique LensPen Invisible Carbon compound outperforms all other cleaning systems. Now with NEW Invisible Carbon!

And finally, let’s all than our partners who helped make all this to happen:




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